Dean Friedman's
'Songwriting Masterclass'
ATTENTION SONGWRITERS! (and anyone who simply loves songs) A group 'Songwriting Masterclass' [limit of 8 participants] will be held over two consecutive days of SongFest - Saturday and Sunday, from 1:00pm to 2:30pm - prior to each day's festival performances. The masterclass will be conducted by Dean Friedman, with expected drop-ins by one or more SongFest performers/songwriters. Topics covered will include strategies for (a) finding inspiration (b) making musical and lyrical choices (c) what to do after painting yourself into a musical/lyrical corner (d) taking creative risks and dealing with doubt, as well as... (e) exploring the connection between writing songs and performing them. These two 90 minute sessions are sure to be illuminating and informative for aspiring and professional songwriters alike, as well as anyone who truly appreciates good songs and the folks who write them. Note: class size is limited to 8, in order to give participants an opportunity to share one of their own compositions, if they desire, for feedback by instructors. Participants are welcome to bring their instruments, with the sole exception of banjo players (Just kidding - we love the banjo!)

Cost: 125

     This three-hour 'Songwriting Masterclass' (2x 90minute sessions) is offered as an add-on item option, towards the end of the  SongFest  ticket-order process (on the ticket page).
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